Download agerbosWriter by clicking the link:

For Windows download: SetupAgerbosWriter.exe  

The exe file contains three files, a jar, and two textfiles for wordcompletion.
The three files will be transfered to a folder C:/agerbos, and a shortcut is created on desktop "agerbosWriter", and the program opens.
( if you later want to uninstall agerbosWriter, you only have to delete the folders C:/agerbos and C:/agerboswriterconf and the shortcut on your desktop )

The setup process. Doubleclick the exe file in your download folder:

Click next

Do not change destination folder
Click next

Maybe uncheck: create shortcuts in start menu
Click next

Click install

Click finish

AgerbosWriter opens. ( You must have Java installed to run agerbosWriter)

In the menu "preferences" you can change the settings:
Show ok dialogs: unchecked (when you have seen the many times a copy is saved)
Font size: 30
Number of keys before word suggestions are displayed: 3
The length of words that appear in word suggestions: 7

Install on linux
Install on mac
How to install java Check whether you have Java installed on your PC,
press this link
If you do not have Java, you can download from
If you do not want to install Java, you can write to, and I send a jar that contains both Java runtime and the text tool.

How to remove agerbosWriter from your computer Press the right mouse button on the jar file "c:\agerbos\agerbosWriter.jar" or on the folder "c:\agerbos\" and choose Delete. Do the same on the c:\agerboswriterconf