Download agerbosWRITER by clicking the link:
version til windows 
version til linux
Install on linux
Install on mac
In the browser Internet Explorer press save.
If you have Java installed on your PC
and if you have not changed the download folder for your browser:

Unzip the zip file and you get a folder "agerbosWriter".
Go into the folder and doubleclick the jar file.
You get the message:"Start the program in c:\agerbos\agerbosWriter.jar".

In windows explorer go to c:\agerbos\
and doubleclick the jar file.

AgerbosWriter opens and a browser opens. Read in the browser if there is important news, and press alt key and hold and press the Tab key
and you have agerbosWriter.
If you do not get the message:"Start the program in c:\agerbos\agerbosWriter.jar".
when you have doubleclicked the jar file in the unzipped folder,
you may not have java installed.
How to create a shortcut to agerbosWriter Create a shortcut to the desktop.
Right-click agerbosWriter.jar in the c:\agerbos\


Select Send to


Select Desktop (create shortcut)
How to install java Check whether you have Java installed on your PC,
press this link
If you do not have Java, you can download from
If you do not want to install Java, you can write to, and I send a jar that contains both Java runtime and the text tool.

How to unzip Unzip the zip file in windows
Quick description

Open Windows Explorer.
Find transfers (downloads)
Unzip the file
Go into the extracted folder "agerbosWriter"
Double-click the jar file.
You get message: You can now start the program with c: \ agerbos \ agerbosWriter.jar
Go in Windows Explorer to the file and double-click it.

Detailed description.
Maybe you can touch the bottom of your browser "show downloads," and the image, select "Show in Folder" and pathfinder opened.

If you can not, you can do the following to open the explorer:
In Windows 7:
right click on Start at the bottom left and select open Explorer.

In Windows 8:
press the Windows key and press the letter f. (Windows key is the one with windows)

Top left in favorites press transfers.

In the download folder is When you double-click the left mouse button, it can be unpacked and there comes a folder 'Agerbo writer' with a jar file and two text files. Or you can right-click on the zip file and unzip it out.

If you can not extract it, it is because you do not have winzip on your PC, please write to, and I sent an unpacked jar file.


choose transfers (downloads) and extract the zip file


Go to the folder 'agerboswriter' and double-click agerbosWriter.jar.


If you have changed the download folder for your browser When agerbosWriter is running to install, it assumes that the jar file is in your user download folder, and if it can not find the jar file there, you will get a dialog. Press on the folder for your downloads and press Open at the bottom of dialog. Press on the unzipped folder 'agerbosWriter' and press Open. press on 'agerbosWriter.jar' and press the button 'Open' ind the dialog.
How to remove agerbosWriter from your computer Press the right mouse button on the jar file "c:\agerbos\agerbosWriter.jar" or on the folder "c:\agerbos\" and choose Delete. Do the same on the c:\agerboswriterconf