Install on linux
Download agerbosWriter by clicking the link:

A new version is under construction

In the browser press save. If you have Java installed on your PC
and if you have not changed the download folder for your browser:

Unzip the zip file and you get a folder "agerbosWriter".

Rightclick the jar file in your unzipped folder "agerbosWriter" and choose open with Oracle runtime, or check if Oracle is set as the standard program for the jar fil and then you can doubleclick the jar file.
This will create two folders in your home. On my pc it is /home/mogens/agerbos and /home/mogens/agerbosConf

You get the message:"Start the program in /home/[yourName]/agerbos/agerbosWriter.jar ".

Rightclick the jar file and choose open with Oracle runtime AgerbosWriter opens and a browser opens. Read in the browser if there is important news, and press alt key and hold and press the Tab key
and you have agerbosWriter.             
In /home/[yourName]/agerbos you can create a shortcut:
Maybe it will work in Nautilus to rightclick the jar file and make link and move the link file to the desktop.            
Or you can create a new txtfil and rename the extension to .'sh ', open it in the text editor.             
java -jar /home/[yourName]/agerbos/agerbosWriter.jar             
Save the file and choose properties by right-clicking on the file and on the tab Permissions tick 'is executable' .
Double click the shortcut file and the application is started, and a browser opens.             
Java code in agerbosWriter.jar running locally on your computer and therefore acts very quickly. The program knows only the folder where it is and the folder agerbosConf.             
To remove agerbosWriter from your computer, you can press the right mouse button on the jar file or the folder and choose Delete.