Download agerbosWriter by clicking the link:

download agerbosWriter for Windows

A download box opens, where you need to press save.
Your browser maybe says that the jar file is dangerous, but my java jar file cannot harm your computer.

You will find the downloaded jar file in your download directory (downloads).
You right-click on the jar file: if it says 'open with' at the top, it means you don't have Java installed which is the prerequisite for running java programs.
Here how to install Java

Once you have installed Java and you right-click on the jar file, you will see that it says 'open' at the top.
After pressing it, agerbosWriter runs.

You will see that a new folder is created 'agerbosWriter'.

You can test agerbosWriter while it is in the download directory (downloads), but I recommend that you after a short time move the jar file to a folder that you create in e.g. documents (write to if you want more directions).
You can decide the name of the new folder yourself. I have called it 'myAgerbosWriter'.
You right-click on the jar file in the download directory and select copy and you go to your newly created folder and right-click and select paste. You can create a desktop shortcut: right-click the jar file and select create shortcut and select desktop.

If you had written in agerbosWriter while it was in the download folder and would like to include it in your new folder, you can click on the 'agerbosWriter' folder and copy it and paste it into your new folder where you have put the jar file. If there is already an 'agerbosWriter' in your new folder, select overwrite.
Install on linux and Mac
How to install java Here how to install Java
How to remove agerbosWriter from your computer Press the right mouse button on the jar file "c:\agerbos\agerbosWriter.jar" or on the folder "c:\agerbos\" and choose Delete. Do the same on the c:\agerboswriterconf